#a_girls_guide_project Step 1: Giving new promises to ourselves

I am creating a new project on this blog, aimed to girls. Anyone else reading these lines though is also welcome. The main concept of it is to empower other girls to get back in the right track of their own life. It is meant for those who feel like they have lost their way and they need a means of ethical support. First things first though. Let’s start by saying how it all started.

To be honest, I created this blog in order to make my comeout as a freelancer. I was expecting new writing deals every week and I fell off the clouds when I realized that things were not as easy out there in the market. I decided to put my blog aside and never use it again. It seemed useless to me anyway.

Last year one of my resolutions was “Don’t give up on your vision”. And I didn’t. For at least the half of the 2018 at least. I managed to accomplish all of my major goals and believe me, they were not easy at all. In fact, they  were goals of a lifetime. I was feeling like a true Girl Boss, when I was making them happen. Like a true Nasty Gal, if you have seen the Netflix series. However, some shit started happening later and I fought hard to keep my rythm going, but it is so hard when you are actually fighting against yourself. Everything that I was fearing came back to reality. My flourishing period was gone. I was filled up with fears, insecurities, misfortunes, loss of money, loss of inspitation and motivation. I wanted to go on and I kind of did, but not with my heartbeat. It was more like a stuggling climbing, an effort to be productive in order to get rid of my deamons. But I wasn’t completely happy. However, I ticked the resolution box, as I still believe that 2018 was my most successful year.

But 2019 has been as cruel as a high school bitch. It found me devasted, lost, confused. I was full of dreams and hopes, illusions, weakness and nobody could tell me a useful thing to do in order to start floating to the surface again. I was sleeping long hours and I had no mood for living life out my bed.  I am not going to feed you with my drama. Each one can relate in a different way, according to individual past experiences. But I think that you have already started grasping my point. Have you ever felt trapped in a place that you don’t like, doing something unuseful that can’t get you anywhere in life, broke, undecisive on your next moves, miserable and not able to enjoy simple pleasures any more? Have you ever turned to look around you and felt like everything is vain? And that all of the great things that have happened in the past are out of reach and you can’t regain them any more? Because that was exactly me!

Look what we’re gonna do! Nobody is in a perfect spot yet! You are not and I am not either. And the way will be too long and you know it. However, let’s start by playing tricky. As a start, WE WILL FAKE IT TILL WE MAKE IT! Exactly! We will raise up our heads and our attitude and we will show life that we are bitches too! Because in 2019, I still don’t want to lose my vision and this time I will work even harder and I mean it. And if we do it together, the journey will get smoother. I am finally in a much much better position than I was. In fact, I am waking up and I just can’t realize that my nightmare is over. The only thing left for this phase is just to start working hard. I have girlfriends who are in this position now, and I am talking often with them, trying to share my tips. But all of girls should be united, and I consider you all as my girlfriends! That is why I am deciding to share my tips online. Because I am starting to be in a better place and my girlfriends around me say that I am really knowledgeable now, when it comes to getting over shit in life. My experiences gave me some wisdom and my besties feel much better when they receive my support and my advices.

So, let’s get down to this!!

We are starting by giving new promises to ourselves. In this stage, any more resolutions are a bad idea. They are only pressing us and stressing us. Hopefully we will get there eventualy. Let’s begin with PROMISES. Promises that we are giving to our ownselves and this time we will keep. I am starting with my own promises. Maybe like that you can take ideas for your own list.

  1. I will stop self-harming me with negative thoughts. All I got to do is to come up with a saving plan and follow it. If it doesn’t work, at least I will have tried. From now on, I will only act, not think.
  2. From now on, I will only listen to empowering, sassy and cheerful music that can boost my mood.
  3. My plan is mine and I depend only to myself. I recognize that others can support me, but not do the work for me. I will totally depend on my own strengths.
  4. I will not expect anything from others. We can be sure for ourselves, because we know our intentions. But we can never be sure of what the others will do, so we can’t let them define our journey.
  5. I will constantly remind me of my vision and I will not let it go again. Any external factor that can affect me will not be taken into account. I cannot ignore it, but I will not let it bring me down any more.
  6. I will always remind me of what I have done already. I will extract my powers from previous victories.
  7. I promise that one day I will be the perfect version of myself. No matter what happens, I cannot die if I don’t see myself like that. Shiny, stunning, happy, balanced, wealthy, with the academic progress that I want, the right guy that will stick forever and be nothing less than my big love and my soulmate, the job that won’t make me feel like working just because it will please me as my hobbies do, inspirational, being read by a vast readership, with a spirit that will be inspiring to countless other people, in a place that I will have chosen because it will give me opportunities, loved, healthy, in a truly charming and warm house where I will not live alone, traveller across the globe, in peace with my mind and soul. Settled, not like trying to chase something out of reach any more. Because everything will be by my side.

So this is our first task for our project #a_girls_guide

I hope that it is feasible for all of you. We can deliver it and I don’t doubt it. Grab your notebook and pen and go for it!

See you around xx