Flixbus: The future of exploring Europe

If you live in a European country as me, do you think that you travel enough within our continent? Are you satisfied with the amount of travels that you do annually, or you wish that you could travel more? Do you generally feel that travelling around Europe is an expensive process, for which you need to be bound to always searching for good flight deals? You heard of Interrail, but when you checked its hard conditions on the website you got dissapointed by its high price and the limited days/countries of travelling it offers?

It's time to break those myths and those stereotypes! You can seriously make the tour of Europe with only 99Euros! Flixbus is giving you the chance. The German bus company, is not only running with environmentally friendly fuel, doesn't just provide Wifi, charging plugs and a clean toilet on board, but also an incredible voucher of 99Euros, which practically gives you 5 codes, that you can redeem for 5 upcoming journeys during the next 3 months. And with the vast amount of cities that are in the network of Flixbus, you can seriously explore 5 European cities from side to side for this ridiculous price, as long you choose cities that share a direct connection.

I have used this voucher for quite a few times and check what I did!



Toulouse-Montpeillier-Marseille-Nice-Monte Carlo



You can order your own Interflix voucher here.

Let's find out more about this amazing company.

Now it's up to you! Which 5 cities are you likely to choose?