#a_girls_guide_project STEP 3: You can’t learn how to swim if you don’t jump in the water

One of my favorite personal victories was when I had my first trip abroad. 2 years later, I’ve been in 15 countries. The start is everything and the rest just follows.

Hey guys! I know that I am always absent, but guess what, I had no idea that you exist! This project started during a night of despair, when I just needed to clear my hear by writing down my sick thoughts, and the next move would be to share my post on Facebook. But whenever I check my dashboard, I keep finding out that more and more people that I don’t know, neither are my Facebook friends, read this website. So I am very thankful for that, and I just keep writing!

Today we will talk about a big big issue. Since the beginning I have been writing about the change that we all wish to do in our lives, our imaginary versions of ourselves coming into being, a set of dynamic moves that will bring us towards a better future. But I was a big fool, because I missed to write about the most important thing and luckily the example of a friend of mine reminded me of where I should have started from.

You see, we can’t dream of ourselves into a better life if we don’t deal with the most crucial part. How we set off? How do we make the big breakthrough? How do we open these fucking wings? Everything has to start from a certain point and the rest just follows. The beginning is everything!

For this, I will present you my 18-year old friend Alexa (it’s not her real name of course hihi). Alexa just graduated high school and finally she can be very optimistic about her future and she won them. But if you asked her 2-3 months ago how does she feel, her story would really melt your heart.

She is an only child of two over-protective parents. Her parents are two really cool and awsome people, but they have raised her too strictly as she was their only. They offered her lots of amazing things, they always had trips abroad the three of them, adventures in tropical islands and all that stuff. But the drawbacks were that they didn’t allow her to go out at night, and generally their overprotectiveness made her a shy teenager who didn’t have many friends to hang out, so she spent most of her free time with them. Alexa knew that her high school life couldn’t follow her adult life, so she stated that she wanted to go live independently in another city for doing her studies. Her parents were not so pleased to hear that, and they said that their financial resources were not enough to help her through this. Since they lived in a tiny town, they asked her to find an instituitional department nearby, so that she would need to take only the public transportation every morning for her classes. Alexa was really dissapointed because the only specialities offered in her region were for technicians, engineers and so on. However, she hated maths, as she had a theoretical mind favoring the foreign languages. She figured out that the best fit for her would be Tourism Studies. She tried to negotiate it with her parents, but the answer was the same. But she was too smart and decisive to let it go. She found a department in a much bigger city, 1 hour away from home (so that she could still visit her parents often), and chose a part-time study+work program, where she would need to find a touristic business to fund her studies for the first half of the year in the city along with providing her work and free accomodation for the other half of it. Her parents accepted her effort and this September she is moving to live for the first time in her life alone. I wish to her to have a really awsome student life, finally with many friends, parties and crazy drunk nights.

So this girl wanted independence, but she had to start from somewhere in order to acquire it. She knew that she couldn’t pay for this kind of new life on her own, but she found a way and from now on she is going to have a totally transformed future.

I think you get my point! Big changes are hard, they need you to jump from the cliff to the water, but once you do it, you will learn how to swim and things are going to get smoother. Before you fly, you need to open your wings. Of course you are maybe now in a different age, so you can’t totally relate with Alexa but for sure if you are in this blog you must have a project for yourself in your mind that you need to figure out. All I am saying is that the beginning is everything!! Oops, maybe I have written this too many times during this post, but who cares? This sentence is the whole point! Haha!


  1. Realize what you want to achieve.
  2. Make a thorough plan.
  3. Now plan even more carefully the first step of your plan. What do you need to inaugurate your plan? Do you know to whom you have to address? Did you make a research to discover all the possible ways that you can do it? Are you sure you are aware of all the factors that it takes? Ask these and many more questions to yourself in order to figure it all out. The fucking start is everythiiiiiiiing!!
  4. Don’t freak out and don’t get dissapointed if the way is not clear. Remember that there is a way for everything. Search all the possible ways again and again.
  5. Ask for help.
  6. If they don’t give it to you, it’s ok. You’ve got you, and it’s still enough (we analyzed that in our previous post).
  7. Prepare yourself psychologically.
  8. Take the risk and do it.

Now you are finally a part of a new journey! Congratulations, you are in a marathon, you don’t know how much time you will take to complete your route, but at least you got in the game. You are so proud of you, and I am too!! And Alexa also.

You’ve got many more kilometers to run in your path, but don’t care. Now that you’ve taken up running nothing can stop you. You are a fucking Forrest Gump, bitch!

Good Job!!


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