#a_girls_guide_project STEP 3: You can’t learn how to swim if you don’t jump in the water

One of my favorite personal victories was when I had my first trip abroad. 2 years later, I’ve been in 15 countries. The start is everything and the rest just follows.

Hey guys! I know that I am always absent, but guess what, I had no idea that you exist! This project started during a night of despair, when I just needed to clear my hear by writing down my sick thoughts, and the next move would be to share my post on Facebook. But whenever I check my dashboard, I keep finding out that more and more people that I don’t know, neither are my Facebook friends, read this website. So I am very thankful for that, and I just keep writing!

Today we will talk about a big big issue. Since the beginning I have been writing about the change that we all wish to do in our lives, our imaginary versions of ourselves coming into being, a set of dynamic moves that will bring us towards a better future. But I was a big fool, because I missed to write about the most important thing and luckily the example of a friend of mine reminded me of where I should have started from.

You see, we can’t dream of ourselves into a better life if we don’t deal with the most crucial part. How we set off? How do we make the big breakthrough? How do we open these fucking wings? Everything has to start from a certain point and the rest just follows. The beginning is everything!

For this, I will present you my 18-year old friend Alexa (it’s not her real name of course hihi). Alexa just graduated high school and finally she can be very optimistic about her future and she won them. But if you asked her 2-3 months ago how does she feel, her story would really melt your heart.

She is an only child of two over-protective parents. Her parents are two really cool and awsome people, but they have raised her too strictly as she was their only. They offered her lots of amazing things, they always had trips abroad the three of them, adventures in tropical islands and all that stuff. But the drawbacks were that they didn’t allow her to go out at night, and generally their overprotectiveness made her a shy teenager who didn’t have many friends to hang out, so she spent most of her free time with them. Alexa knew that her high school life couldn’t follow her adult life, so she stated that she wanted to go live independently in another city for doing her studies. Her parents were not so pleased to hear that, and they said that their financial resources were not enough to help her through this. Since they lived in a tiny town, they asked her to find an instituitional department nearby, so that she would need to take only the public transportation every morning for her classes. Alexa was really dissapointed because the only specialities offered in her region were for technicians, engineers and so on. However, she hated maths, as she had a theoretical mind favoring the foreign languages. She figured out that the best fit for her would be Tourism Studies. She tried to negotiate it with her parents, but the answer was the same. But she was too smart and decisive to let it go. She found a department in a much bigger city, 1 hour away from home (so that she could still visit her parents often), and chose a part-time study+work program, where she would need to find a touristic business to fund her studies for the first half of the year in the city along with providing her work and free accomodation for the other half of it. Her parents accepted her effort and this September she is moving to live for the first time in her life alone. I wish to her to have a really awsome student life, finally with many friends, parties and crazy drunk nights.

So this girl wanted independence, but she had to start from somewhere in order to acquire it. She knew that she couldn’t pay for this kind of new life on her own, but she found a way and from now on she is going to have a totally transformed future.

I think you get my point! Big changes are hard, they need you to jump from the cliff to the water, but once you do it, you will learn how to swim and things are going to get smoother. Before you fly, you need to open your wings. Of course you are maybe now in a different age, so you can’t totally relate with Alexa but for sure if you are in this blog you must have a project for yourself in your mind that you need to figure out. All I am saying is that the beginning is everything!! Oops, maybe I have written this too many times during this post, but who cares? This sentence is the whole point! Haha!


  1. Realize what you want to achieve.
  2. Make a thorough plan.
  3. Now plan even more carefully the first step of your plan. What do you need to inaugurate your plan? Do you know to whom you have to address? Did you make a research to discover all the possible ways that you can do it? Are you sure you are aware of all the factors that it takes? Ask these and many more questions to yourself in order to figure it all out. The fucking start is everythiiiiiiiing!!
  4. Don’t freak out and don’t get dissapointed if the way is not clear. Remember that there is a way for everything. Search all the possible ways again and again.
  5. Ask for help.
  6. If they don’t give it to you, it’s ok. You’ve got you, and it’s still enough (we analyzed that in our previous post).
  7. Prepare yourself psychologically.
  8. Take the risk and do it.

Now you are finally a part of a new journey! Congratulations, you are in a marathon, you don’t know how much time you will take to complete your route, but at least you got in the game. You are so proud of you, and I am too!! And Alexa also.

You’ve got many more kilometers to run in your path, but don’t care. Now that you’ve taken up running nothing can stop you. You are a fucking Forrest Gump, bitch!

Good Job!!


#a_girls_guide_project STEP 2: You are taking care of your own happiness, and you don’t depend it on anyone else.





 Hello again readers!!

I am really sorry for being away for so long, but the truth is that I couldn't find any inspiration on writing about this STEP 2. Many months passed since the STEP 1, I talked with so many of my girlfriends, I shared some tons of tips with them to help them through the hardships, so then I asked them if they could give me any ideas on what to write. To be honest, this break was essential for me too, as I had a lot of time to heal me and stand perfectly on my feet, so now I feel really healthy enough, to continue this journey here with you.

This article will examine the case of my friend-let's call her- Anna. So, in these months that we didn't catch up I was practically too busy supporting Anna to find back herself. Now that she is much better and stronger, she told me "Why don't you write a post on how can a girl be happy without depending on others"? That's a perfect topic, thanks for the idea Anna!

So, this is her case! Anna was always good shy girl, always focusing on how to be the perfect example for everyone (parents, teachers, etc.) Up until her 21, she hadn't experienced anything shockingly good in her life to shake her up, no adventure, no authentically astonishing people around, nothing to be passionate for. She just lived each day the same way, hanging with the same friends since forever, going to a uni she didn't like and all that stuff.

At 21, two things changed her life. Her first travel and her first astonishing man. Now listen, she had boyfriends before, but he was something else. He was her teacher (metaphorically), he brought her light, and knowledge, and thrill, and bad romance (it's a kind of romance against all odds, according to Lady Gaga), and his friendship, and his support... and damn! He was her saint, her angel or what? And then they split, and then they kept texting every day as friends, and then she fell off this pink sugary cloud of hers, where she had to go back to normal life. And boom! The old friends, uni, city were not enough any more, they were too crap for her, like a black hole absorbing her. She couldn't enjoy anything any more, she just wanted to go back to her happy place and reunite with this dude again! And then... this black hole started feeling a bit like depression, like the what am I doing now kind of thing. Where am I? Who am I? And blah blah blah. She was a stranger into her own world. She was afraid to move on,  just because she was afraid of finding herself in an extraordinary experience again, that would have to end up abruptly like the last one. I mean what's the point of pure pure mother-fucking ultimate 100 per cent (ok you got it lol) happiness if it can't last rather but a tiny bit? So she preffered to go back to hide into her comfort zone, ah so much drama!

And then guess what happened, the dude moved on with a new girl and she was going deeper and deeper into the black hole until she was almost vanished. So what was really her problem? Hmm, the problem was that she didn't have the balls to define her own happiness, and she was letting facts, people, fate, to take her into their flow.

When she was going through all that, I have to say that it was a great period for me so I was basically trying to show her what I was doing right in my life, in order to hopefully transmit her some more healthy and dynamic example of self-care and self-love. Thank God I managed to influence her (it was very hard cs she wouldn't listen) and now she is still alive, and she didn't kill herself bcs of a dude lol. That's a joke, she wouldn't go so far, but she was threatening us sometimes.

So what did I do, and tell her, in order to make her depend more on her self?

  1. Good things are still happening in the present. You can be in a party full of people and be blinded, only thinking of the parties you used to have in that past short period, in that cool place with your cool guy, but you will miss out all the fun that we are having here.
  2. Screw everyone who is trying to keep you in boudaries, you are an adult, you live your own life, make your fucking protests, end of story!
  3. If you want to revive this kind of pure hapiness, then start making new plans, in order to have new things to look for. This travel will always remain the best stage in your life, only if you don't have a next and a next and a next one. Be a rolling stone, never stay too long in one place, don't allow yourself to get bored and miserable, don't be afraid to go out of Plato's cave again, don't be afraid to witness again the Light, don't be afraid that its brightness will brind you again. The more you keep going out of the cave, the more will get used to it. And day after day, the cave will disappear, bcs you won't have any more dark days.
  4. He's just a dude, girl! Are you serious? Next!
  5. The problem is not even the dude, is that you never believed in you and that you would make it on your own.
  6. Do what you wanna do! Let your instict drive you! The deep you knows perfectly the next big thing that can make you happy. Let it lead you.
  7. Fill in your time only with enjoyable things. If you are doing things on purpose, just because someone forces you, you will only be distracted for a while but never fulfilled.
  8. You can even be silly sometimes. Who said that everything in life needs to have a purpose? Why so many young people like fooling around? Because it's fun, it's superficial, and you don't give a lot of your energy. You are just enjoying, but you don't get attached. You use and you are used. And this can be applied to many things in life. Example: You meet a new gang of friends, you chill, you go out, you do stuff together, you will probably don't stick together for long, but this won't make you sad, as you are just enjoying and passing time when you are around them. AND THAT'S BLOODY OK! You don't need to always look for something to attach to.
  9. Never give up on your dreams. There is no happier sensation in this world, than when you make them happen! They can recompensate all of your sorrows overnight. So this makes you your own healer basically.
  10. Never ever ever spend a day in your life, no matter how shitty day it is, where you won't be trying the best possible for you! You always, unstoppably, with no excuses have to do what's right for you! For your health, your mind, your soul, your goals, your ideal future... Never give up on yourself. If you don't take care of you no one will. Each day, no matter how hard you fall, no matter how hard you cry, DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR VISION!

Today Anna received a text from the dude (no kidding) after a long period of his absence and silence. Anna knows that if she starts a conversation with him, she will feel awful, bcs she will feel like missing him and all that stuff, and all the good work that she has done so far will go down the drain. So she will not respond at all. She will spend her time doing something more useful, on whatever she decides. Good job girl, I am so fucking proud of you!


Your Chrisa,



PS: You can give me your ideas too on, chrissa1997@gmail.com

Flixbus: The future of exploring Europe

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#a_girls_guide_project Step 1: Giving new promises to ourselves

I am creating a new project on this blog, aimed to girls. Anyone else reading these lines though is also welcome. The main concept of it is to empower other girls to get back in the right track of their own life. It is meant for those who feel like they have lost their way and they need a means of ethical support. First things first though. Let’s start by saying how it all started.

To be honest, I created this blog in order to make my comeout as a freelancer. I was expecting new writing deals every week and I fell off the clouds when I realized that things were not as easy out there in the market. I decided to put my blog aside and never use it again. It seemed useless to me anyway.

Last year one of my resolutions was “Don’t give up on your vision”. And I didn’t. For at least the half of the 2018 at least. I managed to accomplish all of my major goals and believe me, they were not easy at all. In fact, they  were goals of a lifetime. I was feeling like a true Girl Boss, when I was making them happen. Like a true Nasty Gal, if you have seen the Netflix series. However, some shit started happening later and I fought hard to keep my rythm going, but it is so hard when you are actually fighting against yourself. Everything that I was fearing came back to reality. My flourishing period was gone. I was filled up with fears, insecurities, misfortunes, loss of money, loss of inspitation and motivation. I wanted to go on and I kind of did, but not with my heartbeat. It was more like a stuggling climbing, an effort to be productive in order to get rid of my deamons. But I wasn’t completely happy. However, I ticked the resolution box, as I still believe that 2018 was my most successful year.

But 2019 has been as cruel as a high school bitch. It found me devasted, lost, confused. I was full of dreams and hopes, illusions, weakness and nobody could tell me a useful thing to do in order to start floating to the surface again. I was sleeping long hours and I had no mood for living life out my bed.  I am not going to feed you with my drama. Each one can relate in a different way, according to individual past experiences. But I think that you have already started grasping my point. Have you ever felt trapped in a place that you don’t like, doing something unuseful that can’t get you anywhere in life, broke, undecisive on your next moves, miserable and not able to enjoy simple pleasures any more? Have you ever turned to look around you and felt like everything is vain? And that all of the great things that have happened in the past are out of reach and you can’t regain them any more? Because that was exactly me!

Look what we’re gonna do! Nobody is in a perfect spot yet! You are not and I am not either. And the way will be too long and you know it. However, let’s start by playing tricky. As a start, WE WILL FAKE IT TILL WE MAKE IT! Exactly! We will raise up our heads and our attitude and we will show life that we are bitches too! Because in 2019, I still don’t want to lose my vision and this time I will work even harder and I mean it. And if we do it together, the journey will get smoother. I am finally in a much much better position than I was. In fact, I am waking up and I just can’t realize that my nightmare is over. The only thing left for this phase is just to start working hard. I have girlfriends who are in this position now, and I am talking often with them, trying to share my tips. But all of girls should be united, and I consider you all as my girlfriends! That is why I am deciding to share my tips online. Because I am starting to be in a better place and my girlfriends around me say that I am really knowledgeable now, when it comes to getting over shit in life. My experiences gave me some wisdom and my besties feel much better when they receive my support and my advices.

So, let’s get down to this!!

We are starting by giving new promises to ourselves. In this stage, any more resolutions are a bad idea. They are only pressing us and stressing us. Hopefully we will get there eventualy. Let’s begin with PROMISES. Promises that we are giving to our ownselves and this time we will keep. I am starting with my own promises. Maybe like that you can take ideas for your own list.

  1. I will stop self-harming me with negative thoughts. All I got to do is to come up with a saving plan and follow it. If it doesn’t work, at least I will have tried. From now on, I will only act, not think.
  2. From now on, I will only listen to empowering, sassy and cheerful music that can boost my mood.
  3. My plan is mine and I depend only to myself. I recognize that others can support me, but not do the work for me. I will totally depend on my own strengths.
  4. I will not expect anything from others. We can be sure for ourselves, because we know our intentions. But we can never be sure of what the others will do, so we can’t let them define our journey.
  5. I will constantly remind me of my vision and I will not let it go again. Any external factor that can affect me will not be taken into account. I cannot ignore it, but I will not let it bring me down any more.
  6. I will always remind me of what I have done already. I will extract my powers from previous victories.
  7. I promise that one day I will be the perfect version of myself. No matter what happens, I cannot die if I don’t see myself like that. Shiny, stunning, happy, balanced, wealthy, with the academic progress that I want, the right guy that will stick forever and be nothing less than my big love and my soulmate, the job that won’t make me feel like working just because it will please me as my hobbies do, inspirational, being read by a vast readership, with a spirit that will be inspiring to countless other people, in a place that I will have chosen because it will give me opportunities, loved, healthy, in a truly charming and warm house where I will not live alone, traveller across the globe, in peace with my mind and soul. Settled, not like trying to chase something out of reach any more. Because everything will be by my side.

So this is our first task for our project #a_girls_guide

I hope that it is feasible for all of you. We can deliver it and I don’t doubt it. Grab your notebook and pen and go for it!

See you around xx


Hello people!

Good Evening from the magical city of Athens!

Today, Wednesday 21st of November I welcome you all to my journey! This website is going to host my passion for writing, travelling, sharing thoughts, experiences and tips. I hope that there will be audience found to enjoy it and I also hope that this blog will provide me the opportunity to interact with people, inspire them, show them my world and get inspiration from theirs. So keep up, cause cool stuff is coming 😉 !